First Release [0.1.343]

Hi everyone!

So it finally happened! The first alpha version of DevTycoon is ready. We've been working on this project for over 10 months, may times changing our decisions, design, core mechanics. But now the game is in a playable state so we decided to release it. Of course it's still on a early stage of develompent so may things are yet to change. 

What is in the game?

As for now we've implemented key mechanics that are required for this game to work:

  • We have a programming system based on components. To be honest with you almost everything in the game is base on them. All rewards for commissions and also their deadlines are calculated base on components values. There is of course some randomenss in this but over all everything is going back to components and their values required to complete them. 
  • Employees are identical. Their payments and statistics are randomised base on what they can do. Every employee has his own mood indicator. It shows you if he is satisfied with his work. Currently there aren't may mood modyficators. The first one is bonus for look of your studio. Every furniture available in the game has a small bonus do all employees mood. The more expensive furniture, the more bonus you get.
  • In future updates the build mode will expand. We will certainly add more furniture, support for a grid and maybe even option to build your own location, just like in The Sims :D
  • Going back to employees and thier mood. Everyone wants to get paid for thier work. DevTycoon employees are not different. You have to pay for them each month, otherwise they will get angry with you and might even quit the job.
  • To help you with that we created the accountancy system. You can hire an accountant who will pay for all of your employees and also will take care of your bills and taxes that are also implemented in the game. But there is of course some risk to it. Your accountant can make some mistakes. The better the accountant, the less chance for him doing it, but he will also charge you more from your monthly income.
  • As for now the main goal of the game is to earn enough to buy second location or to unlock all component for your character. But you need to be careful. Keep an eye on your finance and make sure that you don't bankrupt!

How we will inform you on future updates?

Everything will be posted here on and on all of our social media. Everytime there is a new version of the game you will see a post with changelog on what it brings or fix. You can also see all changes in the changelog inside of the game. It has some more entries because of not public releases for our group of testers.

Who are we?

We are a small group of young people from Poland who wanted to created a game that we would play ourselves. Our studio was originally founded by Denis Szwarc. Then I joined him. Now I'm the Lead Game Designer and you may know me as Roman. My real name is Jakub Kiryluk and I'm 17. 

Here is a list of people that took active part in making this game:

  • Jakub "Roman" Kiryluk - Lead Game Designer, Main Programmer, Co-founder of DevStudio
  • Denis Szwarc - Lead UI Designer, Additional Programmer, Game Designer, Founder of DevStudio,
  • Michał "Misieq" Paciorek - Lead Level Designer, Lead Game Tester, Game Designer, 3D Models Artist
  • Tomasz "Yamikaze" Jaskot - Public Relations, Social Media, Game Marketing
  • Jakub "Prince Polonias" Brodzik - 3D Models Artist
  • Bartłomiej Lewczuk - 3D Models Artist
  • Przemysław "Jacobowsky" Kruszka - 3D Models Artist

We would also like to thank R1SK, elLiquido, Setto and all other testers that helped us during development!

Your feedback

We are really counting on your feedback about our game. You found some bugs? Have any sugestions on improving it? Maybe you think the game is too hard or too easy? You can write to us about it anywhere. Here on itch, our social media or by direct message to one of our creators.


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This game looks amazing so far, I wish I could buy it. I love tycoon games and just the idea of this game. By just watching the video I would give this game a 8/10.

(1 edit)

I started a new game and my furniture saved. Can you fix this issue?

EDIT: Even though the tables saved, I can't use them, AND they count as an object, that means I can't place anything over them.

Thank you for reporting this bug!

If I understood correctly you played some time and than you wanted to start a new game, but all your previous furniture stayed where they were and you can't  do anything with them? Please send me you save file in privet message on our facebook ( It's in DevTycoonAlpha_Data/StreamingAssets/save.devtycoon. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible ;)