EarthX 0.2.0 - What's new?


I released new update for EarthX. This update aims mostly for gameplay experience and content, that’s why I added contracts and missions.

It was very hard to make this update done, but I’m glad I did. It couldn’t work without your all feedback I got in the past 3 weeks.

This is the full changelog for the EarthX 0.2.0r update:

- added contracts

- added missions

- added rocket capability

- added multiple rockets launch support

- added availability to choose launchpad

- added a very simple tutorial

- added availability to interact with the camera with keyboard

- added audio volume slider to the settings

- added auto module build after factory select

- added launchpad model

- restored sun model

- changed skybox look

- improved camera settings

- added availability to launch multiple rockets with same type on the same time

- added queuing for notifications

- improved tooltips system

- added more details to the mission end

- fixed and improved many things


EarthX 0.2.0r (Linux).zip 113 MB
31 days ago
EarthX 0.2.0r (Mac).zip 111 MB
31 days ago
EarthX 0.2.0r (Windows).zip 109 MB
31 days ago
Can I run EarthX on my Windows? - 36 MB
Jan 30, 2019

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